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Types of Meetings That Can Go Virtual

It is no surprise that many in-person meetings were postponed or canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic that began early in 2020. The future of in-person meetings has changed in reaction to this. Therefore, virtual meetings have become the newest solution, and many are realizing that this new way of hosting meetings has many benefits. Here are a few types of meetings that can go virtual and still provide value for you and your attendees.


A webinar is a short web-based seminar that is presented using a video conferencing platform. Webinars are used frequently as a marketing tool to get people on your email list and/or to create interest in a bigger conference or product. Most webinars are free because the goal of a webinar isn’t revenue, but rather awareness and engagement. There are many types of a webinar that you can produce. For instance, Sales Based, Educational, Interviews, Q&A Sessions, Panel, and more. Webinars work best when you have a specific goal in mind and a targeted audience you want to reach out to.

Virtual Roundtable

A virtual roundtable provides the opportunity for participants to network, discuss, and share knowledge on a specific topic via a virtual platform. There are a few key aspects that you will need to host a virtual roundtable such as a moderator, the right format, a good virtual platform, engagement strategies, etc. Virtual roundtables are frequently meant for B2B, business to business, digital engagement.

Online Training and Workshops

Online Training, also could be called distance learning or e-learning, is online instruction for professional development. Making a training go virtual provides an opportunity for flexibility, safety, community, assessments, constructive criticism, and more. In addition, this option could be free for attendees or a revenue building opportunity for your business.

Virtual Tradeshows

A virtual tradeshow showcases exhibitors on an online platform. Exhibitors will be able to provide content and track engagement as attendees browse through each exhibit. Hosting a virtual tradeshow is more cost-effective than an in-person one. A virtual tradeshow can simulate an in-person trade show with the right virtual platform and interactive tools. Learn more about How Virtual Sponsorships are Successful in this Digital Age.

Product Launches

A virtual product launch increases the exposure of a new product or service to audiences across the globe. Firstly, by making the launch interactive and memorable, having it be virtual can be just as effective as being in-person. Secondly, you can let people test your product by sending samples right to their home.

Online Retreats

An online retreat, like an in-person retreat, provides an opportunity for people to step back from everyday life to relax and focus on something else but via a virtual platform. This type of virtual meeting can be regarding any topic. There just needs to be a determined focus, a time frame, an agenda, and a virtual platform that would be best to host it on. Suggesting an ideal setting that the attendee can create at home will help create the retreat feel.

Virtual Keynotes

A virtual keynote sets an underlying main tone or theme for a larger virtual conference. This type of virtual meeting is usually 60 to 90 minutes long with a Q&A portion of the presentation. Having a virtual keynote can drive interest and awareness to the larger conference.

Virtual Conferences

A virtual conference is the biggest virtual event that allows attendees to access the event from the comfort of their own homes, network, and participate in a digital experience. Since the conference is virtual, more attendees can participate from around the world and the schedule can be more flexible than an in-person schedule. The opportunities are endless.

In conclusion, these are only just a few types of meetings that can go virtual. Any in-person event can be planned on a virtual platform if you just think outside the box and cater to making an experience for attendees at home. This is the future of meetings even if in-person meetings return. Be a part of the change. Dive deeper into the world of virtual meetings and learn How to Host a Productive Virtual Meeting.


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