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How to Host a Productive Virtual Meeting

Have you ever attended a virtual meeting and just felt like it was a waste of time? You walk away with no real highlight or new knowledge about something. We don’t like those kinds of meetings either. That is why we wanted to share with you these tips on how to host a productive virtual meeting! Whether you are producing one or attending, these tips can help any virtual meeting experience continue to grow and get better.

Create an Agenda

Make an agenda or schedule to let your attendees know what exactly will be happening and what time it will take place. Attendees typically don’t like to be in the unknown. Like you, they want to be prepared for the meeting! It could be helpful to also send out the agenda before the meeting, so everyone can plan ahead.

Set Ground Rules

At the beginning of any virtual meeting, you will want to explain some ground rules and let your attendees know how to use the platform. This could include letting your attendees know to stay mute, showing them how to use the chat feature, or encouraging them to have their video on. It can be helpful to say your ground rules verbally but also have them displayed on the screen.

Have Good Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Just like an in person meeting you want to look professional and trustworthy. In a virtual meeting setting, this could mean many things. Consider what the background of your video looks like, the quality of your microphone, the angle of your camera, etc. There is a lot to consider whether you are the speaker, moderator, or attendee. For more information about this, check out 5 Elements That Will Take Your Virtual Presentation to the Next Level.

Start with Something Engaging

Start your virtual meeting off with something strong to get everyone’s attention right away. You can begin with a question, an icebreaker, or even a fun fact. Whatever you choose should make your attendees excited to take part of your virtual meeting.

Get Everyone Involved

An important aspect to keep a virtual meeting productive is to keep everyone engaged and involved. There are tools that you can use to check in with your attendees such as the chat feature and polls. Don’t rely on only these tools to get everyone involved though. Your content and the way it is presented must be able to connect your attendees as well.

Re-Cap and Follow Up

When your virtual meeting ends, be sure to summarize what the attendees were able to learn. Be sure to ask if anyone has questions, so you can answer anything that they might misunderstand. Lastly, send a follow up email with a survey to see how your virtual meeting went and what you may be able to improve next time.

Virtual meetings may seem challenging to produce, but they don’t have to be. Meetings have evolved. Whether they’re taking place in person, virtually, or a hybrid of the two, you need experts who can deliver. The LaClare Group are a team of experts in planning and operating multi-day events. For a free consultation for your next meeting, you can email us at


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