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9 Tips to Increase Attendee Engagement During a Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings can create a barrier between the speaker and attendees, but does it have to? There are many ways to engage with attendees during your virtual meeting. You just have to think outside the box!

Here are 9 tips to help you increase attendee engagement during your next virtual meeting:


An emcee can help bridge the gap between attendees and speakers on the virtual platform. Having an emcee can make your virtual meeting go smoothly and encourage audience engagement. A good emcee has good energy, always addresses the audience, and is prepared for anything to happen.


Breakout rooms are sessions that split off from the main meeting creating smaller groups for easy collaboration and discussion. Virtual breakouts are similar to what you experience at in person events. Important note: You need to choose the right platform with the ability to allow breakouts. Zoom and Adobe Connect are two options frequently used to support this aspect of virtual meetings.


Gamification is the incorporation of game-style incentives to your virtual meeting. This may include earning points, competing with others, rules to play, and prizes. This strategy creates an environment to inspire attendees to collaborate, share, and interact in a fun way. Here are a few gamification ideas you can add to your virtual meeting:

Photo Contests – Propose a photo concept and have your attendees upload it to the virtual platform. Then, participants can vote for their favorite photo. Most liked photo wins a prize!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of items that the attendees can look for on the virtual platform. This could include checking out the sponsors and exhibitors for the event. Having an incentive to completing the virtual scavenger hunt will boost attendee engagement.

Trivia – Attendees answer questions throughout the event to help them retain information. The more they get correct, the closer they are to winning a prize.


Polls are an easy way to keep attendees engaged with your presentation. There are many types of polls you could do including fun ice breaker polls, re-engagement polls, and feedback polls. It gives your attendees the chance to provide their thoughts about a topic and contribute to the conversation. Place polls throughout your virtual meeting to check in with your attendees’ engagement.


Having a chat feature as part of your virtual platform encourages attendees to talk to each other about the presentation. To encourage engagement, propose a question for the attendees to answer. The chat feature is also a good networking opportunity for attendees.


A Questions and Answers segment is an important part to incorporate for any virtual meeting. This presents a moment for the presenter to open the floor for attendees to ask what questions that came up during the presentation.


Creating a specific hashtag for your virtual event can boost attendee engagement on social media platforms. Attendees can like, follow, and share each other’s posts regarding your virtual meeting. This strategy can be used pre-event, during the live event, and post-event. Not only does this strategy increase attendee engagement, but also helps promote your event!

Swag Box

Use Swag Boxes to help your attendees engage with sponsors and exhibitors throughout your virtual meeting! Gather the items that your sponsors and exhibitors want to give and place them in a branded box to send to your attendees. Items can include something happening during the event that they will need or just a fun item for attending.

Networking Function

Including a networking function, other than a chat feature, can help increase your attendee engagement by providing an opportunity for attendees to connect with each other. Some networking function ideas are e-business cards, mobile app, categorizing attendees to help find similar-minded people, etc.


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