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You’re smart enough to know you need some outside assistance, but how much (or how little) do you need? We sit down with you, listen, and create a plan. Perhaps your national sales meeting requires a full range of services, but for that upcoming Lunch and Learn you only need online registration assistance. Or you have to pivot your annual meeting to a virtual event. We get it, and we’re able to adjust our services to meet your specific needs for each meeting or event.


We want to partner with you for the long-term. How can we help you shine?


Project Management
Your meeting directly impacts your company’s goals and reputation. It’s too important to leave to chance. 

Maybe you realize you just don’t have the time to manage the whole project AND all your other responsibilities.

That’s where we come in. We are project management pros who keep you updated and involved in decisions while handling all the details.

The result: We make you shine!

Site Search & Selection

You’ve always wanted to bring your group to the Florida coast, but did you know your meeting dates are during hurricane season? 


We do the research on weather, venues, flight costs and availability, etc.

By knowing your goals and objectives, we find the best fit — for location, budget, and overall success.

We help you make well-informed decisions.

Online Registration

What’s the most important piece of your meeting?  The people attending, of course! 

The registration process involves so much more than “yes or no.”  Asking the right questions means having the best information, which produces outstanding results. 

And when you just can’t sleep until you know how many people have registered, you’ll appreciate the 24/7 access to real-time reports.

We make it easy for your attendees to register — and for you to sleep.


That’s an overused word these days. What exactly does “logistics” mean for your next event?

Well, it’s knowing how to efficiently feed 300 people in 30 minutes or less. It’s creating a meeting space to encourage interaction among adult learners. It’s finding cost-effective ways to transport the group to/from the airport or the dinner event across town.

We do logistics really, really well.


Is it a necessary evil for you? Or are numbers your jam?

We take your budget and break it down into small parts that are easy to understand. Everything is laid out in plain English and fits on a single page. We regularly update it and compare estimates to actuals, giving you a clear picture of where things stand.

The bottom line? We deliver your meeting at — or below — budget.


Your best interest is our top priority when negotiating contracts with vendors and venues. We know the clauses and key negotiating points to be sure the contract protects you and your company.

We carefully review each contract for accuracy and include clauses that will protect your financial exposure and liability. Our efforts continue throughout the planning cycle as we monitor the contracts and ensure compliance all the way through the end of your event.

Case in point: we saved one client $80,000 by carefully managing their hotel contract.


Hand holding pen while using a calculator


A large, international medical device company planned to send 250+ employees to a major industry convention and tradeshow. Several months after their guest room contract had been signed, top management decided to greatly reduce the number of attendees for business reasons. After we were brought in on the project, we quickly reviewed their contract, looking for a clause which allowed for room block reduction. We found the clause — and  the deadline was just days away. Fast action saved the client an estimated $80,000 in attrition fees.


When COVID-19 forced our non-profit client to cancel their annual conference, they were left without a way to provide their core audience with community, connection, and continuing education. Finding an alternative was important, but the prospect of orchestrating virtual meetings felt overwhelming.

Going “virtual” may sound like a challenge, but it also offers new opportunities: more people can attend, corporate supporters get better visibility, and overall production costs are lower. We discussed how virtual meetings would allow our client to maintain — or grow — their relationships, provide member value, and increase revenue.

With less than two months to plan, we produced and delivered an outstanding webinar that exceeded expectations. Our client was ecstatic and is excited about the possibilities for their next virtual event.

Laptop showing a man point at a graph
People cheers at a reception


At a smaller, start-up company, the sales leader knew he wanted to host a national sales meeting for his growing team. Somehow, the months had slipped by and now he only had 10 weeks to make it happen. He contacted LaClare Group and we jumped into action. A sunny destination was found, meeting space and sleeping rooms were booked, flights ticketed, meals ordered, and fun activities planned. In the process, a great partnership was formed and we earned their business for many years beyond that initial success.


A U.S. based manufacturing company bought another company with manufacturing facilities in small towns across Germany and France. They decided a roadshow would be a good way to introduce themselves to their newly acquired employees. 

We were brought into the project to manage the meeting logistics at each manufacturing plant. During the planning process, the client condensed the roadshow schedule down to 4 cities in just 5 days. That meant we had to set up and tear down in one day so we could drive to the next location each night.

 This project presented many challenges and required quick, creative thinking. At each site, we had 4 hours to transform the employee cafeteria into a meeting room using client-branded items, rented chairs, audio-visual equipment and technicians, etc.  

All stakeholders learned valuable lessons from the roadshow. In the process, we gained an amazing partner in Braehler ICS Konferenztechnik, and an appreciation for the German Autobahn.

Hands pointing to phones, paper, calculator, etc.
Four people talking at a table


Providing training to healthcare providers presents some unique challenges. Federal regulations must be followed so that the host company remains in compliance.

Our client, a large medical device company, hosts a variety of training events across the U.S. The invited guests are physicians and other healthcare providers. We make sure these events are compliant with all costs and regulations. 


A large, privately held company was celebrating their 80th year in business. We were asked to assist with planning their summer celebration for employees, family, and distinguished guests.

A covered walkway provided sun/rain protection for guests as they made their way towards the outdoor party. A variety of food and beverage stations were set along the path towards the gala tent. Entertainment was provided by several musical groups, and multiple celebratory toasts were made. It was truly a summer celebration to remember!

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