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You are a savvy marketer or meeting planner. You want to work smarter, not harder. You achieve your best results when using the tools available to you. Consider The LaClare Group a tool in your toolbox! We are here to make YOU look good and help you accomplish more of your objectives in a shorter amount of time. Utilize our expertise to simplify your workload and streamline your event planning.


Elizabeth S.

Putting together these events takes a lot of “putting together the pieces”. It takes attention to detail, fast thinking, adaptation, and a drive that gets you to that place of “intrinsic excellence”.

I was a bit concerned transitioning away from our old team and starting over with a new team, but I have to tell you – you exceeded all expectations and made planning this event easier than it has ever been. So much so that not only I, but the rest of our team felt a sense of relaxation going into the event. Your team went above and beyond when it came to everything and took a lot of the pressure off of me this year.

Thank you and your team for everything you did. Together we reached new levels of greatness at our National Sales Meeting and I will forever be grateful for that.

Leslie H.

The LaClare Group works magic! They pull off meetings with panache so you can focus on the content, not worry about the details. I


recommended The LaClare Group to one of my clients who was planning a national sales meeting in November for the following January. Two months isn’t a lot of time to select the location, find a hotel/conference center and make all the travel and meeting arrangements.


They pulled it off flawlessly. Client couldn’t stop talking about what a great job (their) team did and were very impressed with the level of service and value they provided.


You and your team did such an outstanding job on Saturday (and the planning for it). I know the facilities situation was not ideal but you managed to work around it (and go through it) masterfully.

I was able to sneak a few bites of the eats and it was so tasty, so THANK YOU…!


All around awesome — hope to see again for the next fete!

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