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5 Elements That Will Take Your Virtual Presentation to the Next Level

Are you getting ready for your first virtual presentation? Whether it be for an annual conference or students doing distance learning, some specific elements can help you take your presentation to the next level. Giving a presentation nowadays isn’t the same anymore. There is a barrier in-between you as the presenter and your audience. Take these 5 tips and you will break that barrier and keep the engagement you need with your audience.


Your audience wants to see you! A webcam helps keep your audience engaged in what you are presenting because they can see you speaking right to them. Whether it be the webcam on your computer or an extension such as Logitech Brio, your webcam set up is key. The camera should be at eye level. Look right into the camera as if you were talking to your audience in person. This will take practice because it feels like you are talk to no one. This technique really does help your audience develop a connection with you. Also, consider your background image. If there is clutter, that creates a distraction from your presentation. On the other hand, you also don’t want a plain background either. Find that right balance of images, plants, and other objects that will encompass all you have to offer.


Audio is very important when it comes to presenting virtually. There are four different options you can choose from which include an Internal Mic, Headphones, AirPods, or USB Microphone. The Internal Mic in your computer is a good start but isn’t the best option for the long run because it takes in a lot of ambient sounds that could be distracting to your audience. The middle option of Headphones or AirPods can help alleviate some of that. The best option for the long run though would be a USB Microphone. One suggestion for a great USB Microphone is a Blue Yeti microphone. The Blue Yeti is known to be the World’s #1 Best USB Microphone and costs about $129, which is an investment that will increase the quality of your virtual presentation.


Not only are there tools to help you with lighting, but there are strategies you can use with what you have at right home. If you are looking for a simple option, you can simply place a lamp in front of you, or you can sit in front of a window. Just be aware that you do not look washed out on the screen. Sit far enough back from the source for the best lighting. If you are looking for something higher tech, you can invest in aring light, a circular light that provides lighting with little shadow. When it comes to the price of a ring light, it can range from $15 to $150 depending on the size of the ring and number of watts. As you can see, there is a wide range of options when it comes to lighting to suit your budget and needs.


Your internet connection isn’t always trustworthy. At any moment, the connection can be bad or even just cut out completely. There are simple ways to prevent these moments that take away from your presentation. One option is using an ethernet cable instead of WiFi. An ethernet cable provides a direct connection between your device to a local network creating greater reliability and security than WiFi. If an ethernet cord is not an option, turn the WiFi off on all other devices to help keep the connection for your presentation. This could mean other members in your household or office taking a break on their devices while you present.


Lastly, activities that are directed towards your audience during your virtual presentation can be essential in keeping them from getting distracted. It can be challenging speaking to your audience virtually when surrounded by plenty of distractions. Having activities such as proposing questions or polls can help keep your audience engaged and also let you know their thoughts and feelings towards the subject. Put these activities throughout your presentation and see how your audience engages with your presentation.

These 5 tips will take your virtual presentation to the next level. We have provided a free download, The LaClare Group Webinar Production Tips, to help guide you in your first virtual presentation. You can access your free download below. Remember that the webcam, audio, lighting, internet, and activities are all aspects of a virtual presentation that have room for growth. You don’t need all the expensive high-tech equipment right now. Just take it one step at a time.


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