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7 Tips for Attending Virtual Meetings

It’s a reality that virtual meetings are here to stay. There are many benefits to producing a virtual meeting and also participating in one. We want you to get the most out of your virtual meeting experience whether it is your first time, or you are a virtual meeting regular. As meeting experts, we know attendee experience is very important.

Here are 7 tips for when you are attending virtual meetings:

1. Be open-minded

Being open-minded means that you are willing to consider new ideas. It is important to not go into your virtual meeting assuming it will be replicating an in-person one. Many elements will be similar, but overall virtual meetings should be treated as their own experience.

2. Block off your day

Block off your day to bring importance to your virtual meeting. You wouldn’t schedule extra items during an in-person meeting. This time is for you.

3. Understand the virtual platform

Take advantage of pre-meeting emails and the virtual platform before it goes live. Emails from your virtual meeting should let you know about how the virtual platform works, cool features, and what to take advantage of. Use this opportunity to get to know the virtual platform, so on the day of the event, you are a pro and can get the most out of it.

4. Set up your space

Set up your space however it will most benefit you and your experience at your virtual meeting. This could be anything such as having a notebook and pen, a cup of coffee, or a scented candle. If you will be on video, what does your background look like? Consider how you want others to see you as. Set your space up for success!

5. Minimize distractions

Minimize any distractions as much as possible. If you are at home, let your family know that this time is for you. Maybe turn off notifications on your computer, phone, or any other device. We encourage you to not multi-task during your virtual meeting. You will miss out on some great features and opportunities by doing that.

6. Be interactive

Your virtual platform should have different features that you will be able to interact with. Use these features to stay engaged! Being interactive could look like participating in polls, chat, other games, or networking with speakers, attendees, exhibitors, etc. For more information on activities that might be on your virtual platform, check out 7 Best Activities to Have at Your Next Virtual Meeting.

7. Use a notebook

Let’s go old school! Grab a notebook and pen to take notes throughout your virtual meeting. Taking notes on your computer can lead to other distractions. At one moment you could be taking notes and then suddenly you are browsing your email or social media. Bring your full focus to the virtual meeting as you would in-person.

We missed in-person meetings too, but virtual meetings have many benefits and are here to stay. The LaClare Group are experts in planning and operating multi-day events whether they are in-person, hybrid, or virtual. If you are interested in a free consultation for your next meeting, contact Your success is our success.


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