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The Future of In-Person Meetings: Going Hybrid

In 2020, in-person meetings became non-existent. Many had to change their way of thinking and turn their upcoming meetings virtual. During this time, we have found there were many benefits to having the virtual element in place during our meetings. Now in 2021, in-person meetings are slowly but surely returning. We couldn’t be more excited, but this doesn’t mean that the virtual experience should be forgotten and left in the past. We need to take what we have learned, all of the benefits of the virtual element and apply them to in-person meetings to make them better than ever. This is called a hybrid meeting.

What are Hybrid Meetings?

A Hybrid Meeting is when some of the attendees attend live, in-person while other attendees join remotely from anywhere. This could be their office or in the comfort of their home. Hybrid meetings can be accomplished by an AV team and audio/video conferencing technology.

Why your Future In-Person Meetings Should be Hybrid

During our time without being able to plan or attend in-person meetings, we have found that there are many benefits to have the virtual element to any meeting. A few examples are:

Greater Reach

People from all around the world now have the opportunity to access your event. As a result, your attendee count and brand awareness will increase.

Data Analysis

Virtual platforms provide specific meeting information. For example, demographics, attendance, what they watched, for how long, engagement, and more.

On-Demand Content

Recording the content that is presented live on a virtual platform can be made into an on-demand purchase.


Virtual meetings provide flexibility for attendees to join when and where they please. In addition, especially if the content is recorded for on-demand viewing.

Now that in-person meetings are slowly coming back, and many are excited, this doesn’t mean leaving these benefits of the virtual piece in the past. We should apply what we have learned and all of the advantages of the virtual meeting to the in-person meeting experience. This will create the best outcome possible for attendees and the ones producing the meeting. How exactly do we accomplish this? We have provided a set of tips and tools for you below.

How to Plan a Successful Hybrid Meeting

1. Provide a Clear Agenda

Stating a clear agenda at the beginning of any meeting lets your attendees know what is going to happen and when it’s going to happen.

2. Event Marketing

In the age of social media, it is important to strategize your event marketing. Therefore, we have created another blog post about what types of marketing strategies you should consider when planning your hybrid meeting. You can check that out here: 7 Marketing Strategies for Your Upcoming Virtual Meeting

3. Rehearsals

One of the best ways to prepare for your meeting is to schedule rehearsals with your team, speakers, and anyone else involved. There are plenty of benefits that come with rehearsing! For example, double-checking the presentation, testing technology, finding the flow of the show, seeing how the presenter looks to attends whether in-person or virtual, etc.

4. Technology Guidance

Prep your attendees on how to use the virtual platform. This may include the chat feature, how to mute, how to turn the video on and off, and any other feature the virtual platform provides.

5. Audience Engagement

It is important to engage with the attendees in person and virtually. There are many ways to accomplish this. Check out 9 Tips to Increase Attendee Engagement during a Virtual Meeting for some ideas on how to keep your attendees engaged even through a screen.

6. Post-Event Materials

Have a post-event follow-up with a survey and content that the attendees can have. Attendees like to have something tangible to take away from the event and be able to go back to look at information if needed whether they attended in-person or virtually. 

Meetings have evolved. Whether they’re taking place in person, virtually, or a hybrid of the two, you need experts who can deliver. The LaClare Group are experts in planning and operating multi-day events. From finding the perfect location and negotiating contracts in your best interest to managing the online registration process and delivering a well-executed meeting, on budget.

We are offering you a free 30-minute consultation with The LaClare Group on anything related to meetings & events -virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person! You can schedule your consultation today by email ( or phone call (952.737.6980).

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