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How to Use Polling and Survey Tools to Enhance Your Meetings and Events

Polling and surveys are not foreign concepts to the meetings and events industry. For years now, they have been tools used as part of the planning process. In a 2020 study by Sweap, they found that “55% of event organizers across all formats use surveys to measure participant satisfaction.” Though polling and surveys can measure satisfaction, there are a plethora of other ways they can enhance your meetings and events.

We will cover different ways polling and surveys enhance your events and will provide you with a list of tools you can use for your next meeting.

How Polling and Surveys Enhance Your Events

1. Creates an Interactive Environment Interaction and connection are important. The goal is to create the best experience for the most amount of people. Polls and surveys are a tool to keep attendees engaged throughout a meeting or lecture. It’s an opportunity for attendees to provide their thoughts and contribute to the conversation.

2. Helps Connect Likeminded People

Polling can help connect like-minded people by using the results to guide relationships. Be sure to ask the right questions. Attendees’ answers can create perfect networking opportunities. These answers can be great icebreakers or conversation starters!

3. Provides Feedback for Future Meetings and Events

When your meeting ends, send out an email with a survey attached requesting feedback from the participants about their experience. You can tailor the questions to your specific needs and use the information to improve future events. Ask what worked and what didn’t and suggestions for improvement. Knowing this information straight from the source and being able to apply changes will enhance your future meetings and events.

Easy-to-Use Polling and Survey Tools

Using polling and/or surveys at your meeting doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Technology has grown to the point where there are several tools out there that can be easily incorporated into your planning process. We suggest these easy-to-use software apps for your next meeting or event:

Poll Everywhere  -  Software that allows you to power hybrid work and inclusive conversations. It seamlessly engages audiences across hybrid workspaces through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more.

  • Business & Non-Profit Plans – Prices range from Free to $12,000+ - Select the plan that best fits your needs. You can upgrade or downgrade it at any time.

  • One-Time Event Plans - $499 up to $4,999 - Make your event a rousing success with Poll Everywhere

Mentimeter -  This software will engage your audience and eliminate awkward silences. Their easy-to-build presentations, interactive Polls, Quizzes, and Word Clouds mean more participation and less stress.

  • Free - $0 - For anyone trying out Mentimeter.

  • Basic – $11.99/month - All the essentials for interactive presentations.

  • Pro - $24.99/month - Full access to all features for individuals or teams.

  • Enterprise – Custom - For using Mentimeter in your team or organization.

Kahoot! - Nothing engages audiences and gives participants a voice like Kahoot! With their audience participation and gamification features, you can maximize engagement across an entire virtual or in-person event. Their website shows pricing as follows:

  • Kahoot! Event Bronze - $250 to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event - Up to 100 participants per session.

  • Kahoot! Event Silver - $500 to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event - Up to 2000 participants per session.

  • Kahoot! Event Gold - $750 to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event - Up to 2000 participants per session.

SurveyMonkey  - This software allows you to create free surveys and forms online in minutes. It enables you to ask, listen, and act on insights fast with a global leader in surveys and forms software. Their pricing structure is as follows:

  • Basic – Free - Send unlimited surveys with up to 10 questions. Response limits apply.

  • Individual Advantage - $39/month - Get our most popular features for creating, sending & analyzing surveys.

  • Team Advantage - $25/month - Collaboration tools and survey features that help your team work more efficiently.

Google Forms - Most people are familiar with Google Forms. It’s easy to create surveys and forms for everyone. You can create customized forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

Do you have any recommendations? If you use software or an app that isn’t listed above and you would highly recommend it, please share with us! We’ll share your recommendation (with credit to you) with our larger audience.

Flawless meetings and events require experts who start with great contracts, plan for all possibilities, and troubleshoot issues in real-time. The LaClare Group is here to provide free tips, tricks, and tools to help you succeed in your next meeting; in-person, hybrid, or virtual!

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