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Components of a Visually Pleasing Landing Page for Your Event

Your event’s landing page is no longer just a way for people to register, but now part of the whole experience of your event. This landing page is a tool for pre-event, during the event, and post-event to engage with your audience and future attendees. Make your event landing page stand out from the rest by being colorful, informative, and interactive. You want it to be unique to your brand and interesting enough for your potential attendees to want to participate.

Here are some must have components for your event’s landing page and techniques to make it visually pleasing.


One of the biggest must haves on your event landing page is registration. You want a registration button multiple times on your page in case it takes your attendees a little bit longer to decide. This makes it easy for them to register at any moment. Your registration can be set up uniquely to your needs. For example, here are some elements to include on your registration form for your event:

• Event name and information • First Name / Last Name • Email • Where did they hear about the event? • Pricing / Discounts • Any extra fields to improve attendee experience (meals, social media, phone number, etc.) • Refund and Cancellation Information


Provide a schedule on your event landing page, so your attendees know what they can look forward to. When creating your schedule, provide all relevant information including time, speaker, session title, and description. Make the schedule interactive by being able to click to expand for more information or being able to learn more about the speaker presenting. Have fun with it! Use your branding to make it cohesive, fun, and interesting to help excite the attendees to want to participate.

Schedule Example

MNHPC Conference 2020 by MNHPC


Showcasing a countdown to your upcoming event creates excitement and a sense of urgency to register right away. Have your countdown be big enough to be easy to read and clearly show the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your event will begin. Place a registration button right underneath the countdown to make it easy for your potential attendees to register after they notice how close your event is approaching. Here are a few examples of countdowns you could use for your event landing page:

blue countdown

PlanetIMEX by IMEX Group

White coundown

MakeMeReach by MadconNYC

Social Sharing

Having a social sharing feature on your landing page not only promotes your event but promotes attendee engagement. Providing social media buttons on your event landing page makes it easy for individuals to find you on other platforms. As social media continues to grow in popularity, this is a must have on your page. You can design your buttons to suit your brand and make them part of the experience. Encourage individuals to share your event and invite others through social media.

Connect with us, social media sharing

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 2020

Speaker Profiles

Your audience wants to know who will be speaking at your event! Put a face to the name by showcasing speaker’s headshot, bio, and what they will be presenting at your event on your landing page. From a design perspective, there are many ways you could accomplish this feature. Utilize hyperlinks to promote interactivity and provide extra information for your attendees.

Colorful speaker headshots

LaterCon 2020 by Later

Speaker profiles

Content Marketing World 2020

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Sponsors and Exhibitors are a key asset to putting on any event, so they should be a feature on your event landing page. Place their logo on your event page and encourage interactivity by hyperlinking each logo to each sponsor’s or exhibitor’s website. Another option to encourage your attendees to check out your sponsors and exhibitors is to make them part of a scavenger hunt on your landing page. The more items they can find, the closer they will be to winning a prize. The prize could be from your event’s sponsors and exhibitors.

Pricing and Promotions

Pricing and promotions are a strategy for your event, so you want to display the value of what all is offered in each package on your landing page. How much better is the next package and why should they buy it? Let them know how many spots are left to create a sense of urgency to buy it now rather than later. Promotions can be a great tool for referrals or early bird registration. Some promotions for your event could be: at a discounted price, an extra gift, VIP access, and more.

packaging examples

Rise Live Healthy + Happy by The Hollis Co.


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