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Sponsorship Ideas for Pre-Event, Live Event, and Post-Event

Virtual meetings have brought a new opportunity for sponsors to be featured in a plethora of ways. Sponsors can be a part of the whole experience from pre-event through to post-event. There are many ways that you can customize a sponsorship package to help benefit not only your event but the sponsors themselves. Here are sponsorship ideas for your pre-event, live event, and post-event along with packaging ideas that you can present to potential sponsors.

Pre-Event Sponsorship Ideas

Website and Registration Page – As you direct your potential attendees to your website and/or registration page, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase your sponsors. Place their logo in a place where they can see it and hyperlink it to the sponsor’s website.

Email Promotions – Email marketing is a direct connection to your attendees. Featuring your sponsors in your email marketing plan is a perfect way to get their name out there.

Swag Box – Send a swag box to the attendee’s home with stuff that the sponsors have provided for your virtual meeting. Attendees enjoy having something tangible to take away from the experience.

Social Media – Share your sponsors across all your social media platforms. Encourage your sponsors to share the event with their network as well to further your reach for potential attendees.

Live Event Sponsorship Ideas

Verbal Recognition – At the beginning of a session, be sure to thank your sponsors verbally. Let your attendees know without them that the event wouldn’t be possible.

Video Ads – During the breaks in between sessions is the perfect opportunity to show your sponsor’s video advertisement. The length of the video is determined by which sponsorship package they decide to go with.

Slides, Lower Thirds, Ads – Place the sponsor’s logo within the slide deck especially if it is a sponsored session. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this including their slide or on the lower third of a slide.

Lobby Pages – Your attendees will be waiting on a lobby page before your session begins. This is a good time to show your attendees your sponsors for the event by placing their logo on the lobby page.

Headers and Rotating Banners – At the top of your event’s landing page, place a rotating banner of your sponsors. You could also choose to list your sponsors somewhere else but be sure that it is easy to find preferably on the first page.

Sponsored Sessions – Make one of your sessions a sponsored session! This would be one of the biggest, high tier opportunities that your sponsor can support for your event.

Post-Event Sponsorship Ideas

Follow-Up Communications – After your event, you will want to send out follow-up communications such as a survey or final comments about the event. Add your sponsor’s logo with a hyperlink to their website and thank them for being a crucial part of the event.

Digital Recordings – Since your meeting went virtual, you can make your digital recordings evergreen with the sponsors shown. This provides an opportunity for your sponsors to have their name shown even after the event is over.

Attendee List – Provide your sponsors an attendee list from your virtual meeting, so they can connect with your attendees on their terms. This is the final opportunity for them to continue their connection with attendees and share what they have to offer with their business.

Sponsorship Packaging Ideas

When creating different packages for potential sponsors, it is important to showcase the benefits of each tier. One suggestion is two create 4 tiers involving bronze, silver, gold, and platinum tiers. Pre-event should provide access that opens 3 weeks before the actual event to view sponsored content and welcome. When paying for a higher tier, the sponsor should get their post-event information faster than the others. Customize packages by asking people what they want for both sponsors and attendees. An option for upgrading any package could be evergreen content on the website or social media for a year. As you can see, the options are endless!

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