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Why Webinars are a Great Marketing Tool

Webinars have been around since the ‘90s, but it feels like this 2020 year that they have become the latest trend. The growing popularity of webinars is due to the increase in people being online. Marketers have noticed and are taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase what they have to offer through webinars. According to GoToWebinar, “73% of B2B marketers say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.” There are many advantages to using a webinar as a marketing tool. Here are a few reasons why you should join the trend.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a free, short web-based seminar that is presented using a video conferencing platform. Webinars are used frequently as a marketing tool. Such as, to get people on your email list and/or to create interest in a bigger conference or product. Producing a webinar also provides you the opportunity to directly connect with your potential customers or attendees. You are providing them information and giving them the chance to ask questions. It doesn’t matter which virtual platform you use for your webinar as long as you come across as confident to your audience.

How it is a Great Marketing Tool

Showcase Expertise in Your Niche

Webinars provide you the opportunity to showcase your expertise with your attendees. It provides the attendees with extra information about the topic, product, or future event that they might need to make the purchase. Therefore, will help you build credibility and trust because your audience will understand that you are the expert. What you are providing is beneficial for them.

Increase Brand Awareness

Producing a webinar helps you increase brand awareness by reaching new people that have never heard of your product or event before. Promote your webinar on social media platforms, through email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies that are in place for your business. If the new audience enjoys what you are presenting, they will continue to follow and like your brand. Need ideas on where to share your webinar? Check out 7 Marketing Strategies for Your Upcoming Virtual Meeting.

Audience Engagement

Webinars promote and increase audience engagement with your business or brand. This is an opportunity to have a direct connection to your audience. They can ask questions, make comments, and connect with you about what you have to offer them.


Producing a webinar for marketing is cost-effective versus traditional advertising methods. You don’t need the latest and greatest technology to produce a webinar. Your webinar is about your business and why people should join you in whatever you are trying to promote. All you need is a virtual platform, content, a computer (with a webcam), and you are set to produce a free webinar for your audience. You can make your webinar as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Build Your Email List

Webinars build your email list for future promotions about events, products, and more. When people sign up for your webinar, you can ask for them to use an email to register. These emails are good to save, so you can share with them other things your business is doing.

Why it is Great for Virtual Meetings

Producing a webinar gives your audience and potential virtual meeting attendees a taste of what you are offering. By providing them free content, willing to answer questions, and making a direct connection, your potential attendees are more willing to come back and support your bigger virtual meeting. Let your audience know all of the benefits of taking part in your event or what they miss out on.

Virtual meetings are here to stay, but it is still relatively new. Your audience may be skeptical. Build that trust through producing a webinar to show how virtual meetings are beneficial for them.


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